What are the uses of lime powder?

Lime powder is a white powdery substance with calcium carbonate as the main component. The application range is very wide, the most common is calcium carbonate used in the construction industry. The other is food grade calcium carbonate, which is widely used as a common calcium supplement.

What are the uses of lime powder

Lime has a wide range of applications in civil engineering, and the main uses are as follows:

(1)Lime milk and mortar: hydrated lime powder or lime paste mixed with a lot of paint. Lime paste or slaked lime powder can be used to prepare lime mortar or cement-lime mixed mortar for masonry or plastering projects.

(2)Lime stabilized soil: the mixture obtained by mixing slaked lime powder or quicklime powder into various crushed or originally loose soils, after mixing, compacting and curing. It includes lime soil, lime stabilized gravel soil, lime gravel soil, etc. Lime stabilized soil has certain strength and water resistance. It is widely used as the foundation of buildings, the cushion of the ground and the pavement base of roads.

(3)Silicate products: Using lime (slaked lime powder or quicklime powder) and siliceous materials (sand, fly ash, pozzolan, slag, etc.) as the main raw materials, after batching, mixing, forming and curing, it can be made Obtain various products such as bricks and blocks. The internal gelling material is mainly hydrated calcium silicate, so it is called silicate products. Commonly used are lime sand bricks and fly ash bricks.