ALPA is supported by subsidies for promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

On November 25, Weifang Science and Technology Bureau issued Weifang Science and Technology Development Plan in 2020, 16 projects were included in the plan, and the funding was 1.19 million yuan. At the same time, our company’s “R & D project of new technology for preparation of Self-Cementing Powder Materials from industrial solid waste” was supported by subsidies to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The transformation of scientific and technological achievements has always been an important issue in urban transformation and development, and technology is the main channel for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity. Since the decision of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee made the strategic deployment of “developing technology market and improving technology transfer mechanism”, the government and society have attached great importance to the construction and development of technology market. Centering on the idea of “science and technology innovation driven development”, Weifang City constantly optimizes the innovation environment, reduces the innovation risk, reduces the research and development cost, activates the innovation demand, and promotes the achievement transformation.

ALPA closely follows the strategic guidance, insists on improving the awareness and ability of independent innovation, regards independent research and development as an important part of the company’s sustainable development, and aims to break through technical barriers. The acquisition of this subsidy fund shows that ALPA’s innovative technology in the solid waste field can be industrialized, has the potential to transform advanced technology into productivity, has good investment value and economic benefits, and is in a leading position in the industry.

Since the establishment of ALPA, through the continuous research and exploration of the scientific research team, the cooperative treatment scheme based on foaming modification treatment, ultra-fine grinding technology and multi solid waste compounding and cementation is summarized. After the treatment of metallurgical slag, steel slag, chemical gypsum, coal ash and other industrial solid wastes, high-quality and stable building materials can be obtained. This technology can not only eliminate solid waste and protect the environment, but also extract the potential value of solid waste building materials, so as to obtain higher economic benefits.

In the long-term practice, ALPA has accumulated rich experience and modern processing technology and technical know-how of industrial solid waste, which can make the performance and quality of solid waste products reach higher requirements and meet the needs of various fields. At the same time, with the market-oriented, innovative thinking, research and development, design and establish a complete set of production line, help customers make reasonable investment, low-cost production and optimize products, so as to realize the comprehensive utilization value of solid waste.