Expert in high-value treatment of
Calcium Carbonate

Providing with green, high-value calcium carbonate ultrafine grinding, classifying and powder coating processes.

How does ALPA define
“Green and High-value” of calcium carbonate?


Dry process, no emissions of three wastes; airtight negative pressure, no dust leakage and noise pollution; automation, intelligence and networking; it can realize high-value utilization of solid waste and tailings, recommending with the matched equipment according to requirements. Responding to changes in environmental protection and labor.


Keep up with the needs of users for transformation and upgrading, providing with high value-added products based on material science. For mineral powder processing, the focus should be on particle size and distribution, shape, purity, dispersibility and surface modification and coating. Therefore, the processing technology should be selected based on its mineralogical composition and structural characteristics.

Calcium Carbonate Processing Technology

The wide application of calcium carbonate has prompted end users in the industry to continuously develop new products. It has become a development trend to replace expensive raw materials with calcium carbonate. Therefore, all walks of life have put forward higher requirements for calcium carbonate products. Calcium carbonate processing equipment is also facing new challenges at any time, its process has therefore become important area of ​​ALPA technology research and development.

Project cases

About ALPA

ALPA focus on R&D of calcium carbonate ultra-fine and ultra-pure pulverization and classification, powder shape control and selective pulverization, powder surface modification and powder industry solutions. We independently researched and developed grinding mills and air classifiers that are widely used in the production of ultrafine powders of non-metallic minerals such as calcium carbonate, talc, marble, etc., which have greatly promoted technological progress and industrial upgrading in the fields of minerals and new materials.

Countless small leaps accumulate into huge strides of ALPA’s growth. ALPA dares to innovate and pursue excellence. After 20 years of steady development, ALPA has become a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, a leader in the field of ultra-fine powder technology research and powder equipment system integration in China, has made great achievements in the international market.

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